HWC Melbourne 2008

Team Cambodia was a newcomer at the Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup. The two weeks in Melbourne during the Homeless World Cup were a fantastic experience for the five players and two support staff who came for the journey of a lifetime. The squad arrived a week early so they could get accustomed to being outside Cambodia for the first time in their life's , which was a huge culture shock.  With the exception of the coach none of the squad had been on a plane, train or tram before. Apart from training every day in the lead up to the competition we took the squad on lots of trips to show them all that Melbourne and Victoria has to offer. 

We started and finished well with wins over Sierra Leone and Sweden respectively. Apart from heavy defeats to Ghana, Russia and Netherlands the team more than held their own and came very close to beating the USA and were actually winning 5-4 at halftime before eventually losing 5-6. The games and results were not that important to the Cambodian squad and the HFCA committee. What was important was the life changing experience the HWC allowed them to have. 

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Oct. 31, 2008

Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup - Chairman's report

Team Cambodia was a newcomer at the Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup. 

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