HFCA visit Angkor Wat

As part of our preparations for the Homeless World Cup in Paris in August this year myself, Head Coach Jimmy Campbell, Country Manager Vibol Chao and 12 players went to Siem Reap (town beside the famous temples) for three nights. During the six hour journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap we went through the heart of Cambodia, passing through small villages and never ending rice fields.

it was a magical few days

It was stinking hot and we were all grateful for the air con on the bus. Cambodians favourite type of music is love songs. Think Take That or Westlife in Khmer. The UN would call this type of music torture but we lasted a few hours before begging for mercy. Stop the music! Far more entertaining was when the 12 players entertained us with Khmer songs and the westerners on board this little bus tried to compete. Jimmy sang his favourite songs from back home in Scotland. I can’t sing but we were fortunate to have Toni Childs on the bus.! We stayed in a nice guesthouse near the river and spent the next few days visiting some of the most amazing buildings on the planet!

 it was a great opportunity to see how the players perform out of their comfort zone

We played a match against the local FCC team and although we lost it was a great opportunity to see how the players perform out of their comfort zone. The squad of 8 players was selected by Jimmy and even though 4 players missed out on the trip to Paris, for the players most of whom had never been to Angkor Wat, it was a magical few days. Thank to our partner Cambodian Kids Foundation who loaned us their 15 seater bus and a staff member to drive us... and Toni for her singing and warmth.

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