Mexico City Homeless World Cup 2012 update

With five months and counting till the 10th Homeless World Cup HFCA's preparations for Mexico City are full steam ahead. We have started extra training on Sunday afternoons and will select the team at the end of May. Then the real hard work begins as we try to get passports and Mexican visas for the players and most importantly funds for the return flights.

"In a developing country such as Cambodia and in the especially dire area where CCF works, there are few opportunities to truly aspire and even fewer examples of those who have transcended their environment. The Homeless World Cup provides the youth here with hope and a tangible goal. Despite the desperation and struggles faced by these youths, there are living examples of those who have transcended their situation." Scott Neeson, Executive Director, Cambodian Children's Fund

Click here to read Cambodian Children's Fund full Impact Statement 

If you or the organisation you work for want to be part of this amazing journey from the streets of Phnom Penh to Mexico City then email Team Cambodia project manager Paraic Grogan at


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