Meet Sokchea Ngorn


Name: Sokchea
Surname: Ngorn
Year born: 1998   
Joined HFCA: 2006
Partner Organization: RKF (Riverkids Foundation Organization)

Family Background:
I lives with my parents in rent house. My father is a TukTuk driver and mother is a housewife. There are 8 children in my family, 2 boys, 6 girls and I am 6th child. My parents sent me to RKF Org. since 2006 for they have not able to support me to school.  

Individual Background:
I have dropped school since grade 8. Now I am studying car mechanic in Mit Samlanh Org which supported by RKF Org. In my free time I play football and watch TV. I played football since I was 9 years old and RKF Org. has sent me to joined HFCA football training since 2006. In the future I want to be an owner of car maintenance.    

How do you feel when you have been selected for the 2015 Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam? 
I am very happy when I was select for the 2015 HWC in Holland. 

What do you think after the 2015 Homeless World Cup? 
I will share to everyone what I did during the HWC tournament: how to play football,   how to communication with other people, what is Amsterdam look like…

Position: Attacker (right-side)
Favourite Team: Real Madrid 
Favourite Player: Christiano Ronaldo

No one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

Edmund Burke, Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797)