Scotland to host 2016 Homeless World Cup in July

Cambodia will be one of 51 nations to take part in the annual Homeless World Cup. Our players are excited about this once in a life time journey. 

“We are happy to be bringing the Homeless World Cup back to Scotland after 11 years, and know Glasgow will be an amazing host city, with George Square the focal point. What is important for me to stress is that this is significantly more than a football tournament; it’s a real celebration of optimism. We will have 512 players with us, and every single one of them is at some stage of their journey towards a more stable future. Their personal stories are remarkable, often very moving, but they reflect a real sense of hope for social justice."
Mel Young, President, Homeless World Cup Foundation

“As a Homeless World Cup ambassador it is exciting to see the tournament coming to Scotland this summer. I’ve learnt in recent years the impact the Homeless World Cup Foundation has across the globe, and it’s inspiring and humbling that more than 1m people have been able to get their lives on the move. Obviously, I’ll be supporting Team Scotland, but I hope the tournament is a brilliant success and the people of Glasgow come out in their numbers in July.” 
Scotland & Celtic Captain and Homeless World Cup Ambassador Scott Brown

 For the video of the media launch click here

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