Collingwood Rotary: a wonderful supporter of community

The involvement of Collingwood Rotary with HFCA first came about in 2010 when we approached them to support Fair Play. The event was moving to a larger venue at Victoria Park, the old home of Collingwood Football Club, and only minutes from the local area of the Rotary club.

(l-r) Dan Tan, Wendy Tan and Bruce Shaw, Collingwood Rotary committee members

In 2014 Collingwood Rotary became a Homeless World Cup sponsor too and continue to do so today, playing a valuable part in helping us get the team to tournaments in Chile, Amsterdam and Glasgow.

Bruce Shaw, Chairperson of Collingwood Rotary said, “Not only does HFCA’s work in Cambodia give fantastic opportunity and guidance to young people there, through its promotion of the Fair Play competition here in Melbourne each year it provides local youngsters, many from refugee and underprivileged backgrounds, a great incentive to learn to achieve through commitment and team work. We are proud to be supporters.”

(l-r) Bruce Shaw and Wendy from Collingwood Rotary, Jon Hammond and Paraic Grogan from HFCA, together with the Collingwood Rotary Fair Play trophy

The Collingwood Rotary Club has been operating in it's Melbourne neighborhood for over 50 years. From the very beginning, it has been active in the support of local causes, early hands-on projects being at the Collingwood Children's Farm and at just about every school and kindergarten in Collingwood. A significant contribution in time and money was spent in construction of the Collingwood Community Health Centre.

Collingwood Rotary's Wendy Tang with the winners of the Collingwood Rotary Trophy at Fair Play 12

Collingwood Rotary Club has been able to make some other notable contributions too, such as in 2000, a bus for St Jude’s School in Tanzania and, in partnership with the Carlton Club, the renovation of St Vincent’s Hospital Rehab Unit.

In recognition of his work in the community, the Club’s 2010/11 President, Meca Ho, was named City of Yarra Citizen of the Year on Australia Day 2011. In 2009 the club received a citation from Rotary International, recognizing 50 years of dedication to the Object of Rotary and its commitment to the ideal of “Service Above Self”.

2017 Cambodian Homeless World Cup team.

The Collingwood Rotary Club continues to seek out new members  from amongst men and women engaged in a business or profession, who see their vocation as an opportunity to serve the community.

For information contact the Club by email: or head to their Facebook page here

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