Seng Saray: Dreaming of traveling on a plane for the first time

Seng is getting ready to depart for Norway on his first overseas trip in 13 days time when the Homeless World Cup kicks off on the 29th of August. He can't wait to pull on the Cambodian national team jersey and give his all for his Country. 

Family Name: Seng
First Name: Saray
Year born/DoB: 12 March 1998 
Joined HFCA:
Organization: Cambodian Childrens Fund
Position: Defender – Left winger 
Favorite Team: Real Madrid 
Favorite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

 "My life was very difficult before I joined CCF. My parents died when I was very young, so my five siblings and I lived with my Uncle. I had to abandon my schooling, so I could work and bring in money for the family. Over time my sisters all moved to Phnom Penh, and eventually, I joined them there and helped my sister look after her baby."


Seng Saray and the team ready for Norway

"A few months later I ran away from home and went to my Aunt's house. She asked me if I wanted to return to school again, and I immediately said yes. I always wanted to continue my education but had never had the opportunity. My Uncle and Aunt's children studied at CCF, so they brought me there, and I met with Scott [Neeson]. I didn't know any English, then, so I spoke Khmer to him!"

Photo Scott Rotzoll

"CCF has changed my life very much, and also the life of my family. They don't have to pay for me to study, and CCF supports me with uniforms and provides me with opportunities to go out into the community to work with other kids. I am very excited about going to the Homeless World Cup. I want to see what the differences are between Norway and Cambodia. From what I have heard, it sounds a very beautiful country!"

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