Hem Sreng part of winning Championship team in Cambodia

HFCA are delighted to announce that former player Hem Sreng won his first medal as a professional footballer on the 25th of December. Sreng is a defender and played an important part in his team Kirivong Sok Sen Chey FC been crowned champions of the very first season of the Cambodian Second League which is Division 2 football of Cambodia. It was first started off in 2016 by the Football Federation of Cambodia. The winners from each of the six regions (North, South, East, West, Middle, and Phnom Penh) from Hun Sen Cup are qualified to play in Cambodian Second League. The Champion of Cambodian Second League are promoted to Cambodian League.

Sreng (kneeling just above trophy) with his Kirivong Sok Sen Chey FC team mates.

Sreng joined the HFCA program in 2008 and was delighted when selected by Coach Jimmy Campbell to take part in the Homeless World Cup in Paris in 2011. The smallest player on the team he slowly but surely grew into the tournament and ended up been our best player and leader on the pitch. A great passer of the ball and despite his slender build our toughest player he fought like a tiger for each and every ball. 

During an interview with french TV he was asked what it meant to be selected for Cambodia he burst into tears and said "I was shocked to be selected to represent my country. For the coach to believe in me means so much" and when asked about the future said "I want to be a professional footballer".  Sreng has turned his dream into reality and everyone at HFCA is so proud of his success. 

In Cambodia v Brazil game in 2011 in Paris Sreng fights for the ball.

Sreng told HFCA media after the trophy and medals were handed out "HFCA taught me the importance of working hard and been part of a team. Going to Paris made me believe anything is possible. I love been a professional footballer as this is what I dreamed about since I was a little boy."

"I visit the HFCA program when I have free time and tell the young players there to listen to the coaches, train hard and stay away from drugs, if they do this then maybe they can be professional footballers too."

Sreng (bottom row far right) with his teams mate in Paris. Picture Mik La Vage. 
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