Van Ream: From Steung Meanchey dumps to 2017 Oslo Homeless World Cup!

 Van Ream. Photo Scott Rotzoll.

Family Name: Van
First Name: Ream
Year born/DoB: 01 April 2001 
Joined HFCA: 2016
Partner Organization: Cambodian Children's Fund
Position: Goalkeeper 
Favorite Team: Beoung Kat Angkor FC (Cambodian Team) 
Favorite Player: Sou Yaty, GK (Cambodian national GK)

Ream in his local Steung Meachey neighborhood. Photo Scott Rotzoll. 

"My life before I was accepted into CCF was very difficult. We didn't have enough food to eat -  sometimes a small dinner was the only meal that we ate in a day. My mother couldn't find a job, so we didn't have enough money to survive. We moved in with my Uncle and shifted to Siem Reap to live with his family for a while, but we had to work and couldn't get an education."

"Eventually, we moved back to Steung Meanchey, and by chance, we met Scott [Neeson] in the community one night. He saw that we weren't in school, and invited us to come to CCF to have an interview. That was in 2011."

"Life is much better for my older brother and me now that we study with CCF. I attend the Neeson Cripps Academy now, and my favourite subject is math. I have always loved football, so I joined the football program as soon as I could. I was so happy when I found out that I had made the Cambodian team for the Homeless World Cup. I am looking forward to showing the world what I can do on the football field, and I want to learn new skills and get better at football while I am in Oslo."

Ream and his team mate Saray near their home. Photo Scott Rotzoll. 

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