Funkin'The Bay VII

We set sail upon the Victoria Star for the 7th annual Funkin' The Bay boat party fundraiser event and it was a huge night! It was a beautiful warm evening as we set sail and all our supporters really got into the spirit of the night with some amazing outfits. Melbournians love fancy dress!!

A great turn out to support HFCA and ACE, check out all the photos here

(L to R) Lizzy, Sharni, Marlo and Katie. 

"Thanks to all you guys for organising a great party, we had a great night!" Michelle

"We’re looking forward to next year!‎" Sean 

(L to R) Tania, Renee and Kylie glam it up for Funkin the Bay.

"Thanking you for such a great event. My crew and I had the most enjoyable time. Another great success for HFCA and ACE!  Keep up the amazing work!" Daniel

"A bunch of incredibly lovely people, doing what they do best, for some incredibly special kids!" Katie


(L to R) Tracy, Emily, Clayton, Adam and Ali G. 

To the DJs... Amazing music, great records and damn, you really did kill it! Folks were dancing from the second we started boarding.

Thank you Tom Showtime, DJ Peril, DJ Ayna, Johnny Crates, Michelle Elizabeth, Lyndelle Wilkinson, Theblue Goanna, Gabrielle Nolan, Jon Hammond, Daybreak Disco, Cuzn Matt & Mr. Chris Gill.

Crowd working the dance floor!

Thanks to the volunteers who helped. Love you people...Clayton Newell, Tracey Rennie, Lana De Jager, Matt Hunter, Janice Bell, Dee-Arne McVeigh, Justin Scott-Matthews, Michael Harris, Mac Sharni, Telulah Harrington, Mardi J Brown, Pete Gurrie, Suzi Kotevski, Justin Nagorcka, Captain Leigh, Will Maurice, Adam & Emily Pearson, Katie Bowman, Kylie Whyte, Sean Stove, Daniel Macuha, Edel Fleming and anyone who shared and supported this event. Apologies to anyone missed.

LadyLangers gettin her groove on.

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