Funkin' The Bay VIII

Our 8th annual Funkin' The Bay boat party fundraiser event was out of this world!. A great turn out once again to support HFCA and ACE.

Check out all the photos here

Special thanks to our friends pictured (L to R) Aishah, Kylie and Renee! 

An international crew comes to our boat parties fundraisers. Three of Italy's finest beamed up from Milan to Melbourne! 

Thanks as always to the amazing DJs... DJ Peril, DJ Ayna, Lady Langers, The Vinyl Vixens, J-Red, Chris Gill, Max Vegas, misterjon and Clayton and our awesome friends from ACE Clayton, Mardi, Lana, Tracey, Pete, Janice and Faz for their vital contributions to a great cause. 

"Thank YOU for the most amazing party we've had in a long while! So happy we made it, and so happy to reconnect again with old friends" Aishah

Our boat goes past Melbourne's docklands as we head out to the high seas.
A great crew every year!
"Awesome! rad! you crew are funkn my world bro!" Euan
Our four female DJ's who owed the top dancefloor. (L to R) Wax Fox, Lady Langers, Ayna, Miss Gabrielle

"What a great night once again, thanks for having us there. I had a really good time." Renee

"Thanks again for a brilliant night" Kylie 

Long time supporters Euan, Jared and Bryce enjoy themselves.

"Normally when I go out for a big night I am bit nervous because people aren't always friendly. This was my first boat party. I was surprised at how nice everyone was and it's one of the best nights I have had in ages!"

Thanks also to Rent The Rig, PBSFM, RRR, KissFM and Plakkit!

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