HFCA FC finish Cambodian Champions League 2018/19 season

HFCA Senior Men's team recently finished our second season in the KMH Champions League. With all 24 players coming from our youth academy and having decided to focus on giving them the opportunity to play rather than bring in outside players, we knew the league season was going to be tough. With other teams using professional footballers and foreign players the standard in the league is very high.

HFCA players accepted the challenge of playing in a 32 team competition with such high quality oppostion and when we lost all six games in Group H it was difficult for the team to keep going. We really stuggled to match the opposition in the first three games but there was a big improvement in performances in the last three games. We look forward to the 2020 KHM Champions League season. 

Match Day 1

Hurricane 9 HFCA - 0

We look forward to the next challenge in this League, our players value the experience of playing in this top class competition.


Match Day 2 
Feb 11 2019

សម្ព័ន្ធយុវជនមុស្លិមកម្ពុជា 10 HFCA 0

We play against a much older and stronger team. 


Match Day 3
Feb 22 2019

FT: នាវាពណ៌លឿង 4 - HFCA 0

Our team is very young but this was our best performance of the season. We lose but everyone give 100% so we are proud of them.



Match Day 4 
Mar 7 2019

FT: HFCA 1-6 សម្ព័ន្ធយុវជនមូស្លិមកម្ពុជា

Our team gave their best and sadly we lost.



Match Day 5 
Mar 23 2019

នាវាលឿង 6-2 HFCA

An exciting game as we gave our best but sadly lost. Well done to our opponents.


Matchday 6 

April 6 2019

Hurricane 5-2 HFCA

HFCA gave their best performance of the season against Hurricane FC. 

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